“A powerful program for transforming yourself by learning how to live your life fully immersed in the colorful and creative world of doodling!”

Discovery Doodles: The Complete Series

Almost everyone knows how to doodle or what doodling is? Did you know that doodling can be applied to everything from early childhood, to maps and models, math and science, business and technology as well as exploring your inner most hopes and dreams.

We are on a mission to give everyone permission to explore and express their creativity. When you fully immerse your life in the creative process, you are connected to your self, your work, your family and above all your life purpose.

Doodling from Infancy to Industry

  • Engage in a new way of learning

  • Boost Your Creativity & Idea Generation

  • Enhance Your Ability to Simplify Complex Concepts & Accelerate Understanding

  • Expand Your Toolkit of Products and Services

  • Connect your heart and mind to your insights, inspirations and intentions

"I am on a mission to unlock all whiteboards for business, healthcare, education and families to transform the way we work, educate, care and nurture. I believe when you connect pen to paper you open your heart channel to access your insight, intuition and inspiration to create space to doodle, dream and discover your purpose both professionally and personally to transform the way we work."

About the author

Alicia Diane Durand

CEO, Founder & Chief Doodler

Diane is an amazing woman of many talents which include graphic facilitator, facilitator, coach, online instructor, and spiritual business leader.

She is also an author, workshop leader, speaker, artist, even host and mother raising two of the world’s greatest leaders. She was the lead instructor and content producer for The Doodle Institute an new online program designed to teach the power of doodling at home, school or work.

She has trained hundreds of students from around the world how to become successful Graphic Recorders and build their own practices “Doodling for Dollars”. Diane has written many books but her most successful was “Discovery Doodles: The Complete Series” designed to show people like you how you can draw from Infancy to Industry.

The book reached #1 Top New Releases on Amazon the week that it launched for Educational Professional Development. She has run workshops based on the activities and exercise in the book with top business leaders, the healthcare community as well as public and private schools.

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Some words on the Discovery Doodles Book

  • Diane knows that the Doodle is serious business. She takes even the most non-artistic reader and empowers them to think brilliantly using visual language. You don't want to miss this book.

    Sunni Brown, co-author of Gamestorming and Leader of the Doodle Revolution

  • Discovery Doodles: The Complete Series is accessible to all ages. I’m using this book to teach my nieces and nephews how to draw who are aged from 4 to 18 years old and they are all loving it. And I am applying the lessons I’ve learned as a Professional Trainer. The author, Diane Durand covers topics all of us should consider to have a full and rich life and this is done in an approachable manner. Not only is this a drawing book but a book for life.

    Leenie Fabri, Graphic Recorder, Trainer & Aunt in Australia

  • Starting from basic shapes through deceptively simple yet powerful diagrams, Diane Durand's "Discovery Doodles" books offer a terrific visual toolkit that can be used for all aspects of learning, working and playing. Open one of these books and pull out your pencil, pen, marker… these books will inspire you to get creative and release your inner doodler.

    Dean Meyers, Visual Problem-Solver and Publisher/Leader of VizWorld.com

  • Diane helps us to access the joy of drawing and thinking as a child: uninhibited, creative and inspiring. The visual language skills in this book helps us to explore these fabulous attributes in clever, simple steps.

    Tracey Ezard, Graphic Facilitator and Strategic Believer in Doodles!

  • The Discovery Doodles series will change the world. This goes beyond drawing: this is about enabling deeper conversation and connections between parents and children, caregivers and patients, teachers and students, businesses and clients, and person to person. Words alone don’t do justice to the complexities of thoughts, hopes and dreams. To unlock understanding, we need Doodles.

    Brian Tarallo, Graphic Consultant and founder of Lizard Brain Solutions

Discovery Doodles: The Complete Series (Printable PDF)

  • Sketchbook Basics
  • Early Childhood
  • Around the World
  • Math & Science
  • Maps & Models
  • Business & Technology
  • Hopes & Dreams
  • Health & Healing

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About Alicia Diane Durand

Diane is in high demand as a speaker, facilitator and professional coach inspiring individuals, leaders and teams to doodle, dream and discover their life passion and purpose. 

Her dream is to share what she has learned about creativity, doodling and coloring to unlock the creativity inside all people, so they may become the Creators of Change they want to see in the world.

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